Smith On The Road

Smith College admission officers travel across the country and around the world.  As these events are scheduled, we will post them on this web page, so check back frequently for updates.  Pre-registration is encouraged but you are always welcome to attend without advance notice.  

We look forward to meeting you!

United States—Arizona

United States—Arkansas

United States—California

United States—Colorado

United States—Connecticut

United States—District of Columbia

United States—Florida

United States—Illinois

United States—Iowa

United States—Kentucky

United States—Maine

United States—Maryland

United States—Massachusetts

United States—Minnesota

United States—New Hampshire

United States—New Jersey

United States—New Mexico

United States—New York

United States—North Carolina

United States—Ohio

United States—Oklahoma

United States—Oregon

United States—Pennsylvania

United States—Rhode Island

United States—Texas

United States—Virginia

United States—Washington


Canada—British Columbia




United Kingdom